Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ruled by Logic

Sometimes I feel my voice is radio static to your ears
it's nonsense garbled within the wind
my words are thoughtless and tossed to and  fro
my purpose still unknown
I`m a carbon based lifeform ruled by logic, seeking perfect, and finding faults
I`m a dreamer needing reasons but finding dead ends...
and when I sort it out I might just be an echo on the wind
A problem never solved, riddle that was hard and an investigation of the heart
I will fill the silence with letters and speak in complicated terms
so these thoughtless words will die on my tongue in the air
When I figure it all out I will be invincible and free
and not chained to logical conclusions or meanings boxed and labeled
I will be like the bird who takes flight not needing to understand why it is that it can fly

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