Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Too Many Years With No Hope

I was holding up a sign that said "I'm Fine"
and I was pointing to a road named Hope
I was waiting for that day to finally come
holding onto the end of my rope



"Too Many Years"

i adored you like cauliflower shaped cloud castles in the sky
and imagined your smile through the windows while the world rushed by
but the images faded
and left streaks by my tears
it's been too many years
i adored you like ladybugs crawling through the grass by my feet
and imagined your laugh would carry me in joy down the street
but the good times faded
and were replaced by my fears
it's been too many years
i still watch the clouds for signs of your name
and i ache inside to wonder what's the same
do you still feel that way or did it all change?
i can't even ask you
i do not know how to
i still wait in the grass for your return
how i ache inside oh how i yearn!
do you think of me at all in all these years?
or is the truth the bitter edge of my fears?
i adored you like the bluejays in the trees outside the windows here
their wings reminded me of your eyes and all that i had once held dear
but the images are bitter
and i can't swallow back my tears
it's been too many years
and we added one more


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