Thursday, January 20, 2011

Helium Snowflake

"Snowflake Kiss"

I wanna wear pink boots in the snow, sipping hot cocoa slow
usin’ up all the hot water at night
I wanna wrap you inside a blanket close, tickle you with cold toes
and stay up too late each time
I wanna be your princess in a sweater and knee socks
Be the girl who reads a book on how to pick locks
Sneak inside a cabin for a winter rendezvous
and lay before the fire showin' you what to do
I wanna wear flannel pj’s in the snow to go out and play
Freezing ‘til my cheeks turn bright pink
I wanna watch movies all day copy every word they say
and act out all the racy scenes with a wink
I wanna be the snow bunny in your dreams with a snowflake kiss
Be the girl you tumble in the flannel sheets during snowed in bliss
Pancakes in the morning because syrup is so fun
Let's make winter last forever; we're nowhere near done

this sensation is like injecting my veins with helium
and somewhere between
the high and the clouds
i realize this isn't flying
it's floating
and i might have to come down
for more

By: Me.

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