Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spin Over the Canyon

“Done and Over”

So I’m the one to blame now, huh?
And I guess you want your way now, huh?
Well you better shut your mouth hun, I don’t play these games
And I won’t bend over backwards
I’m done
So I screwed it all up for you, I see
And you are blaming it all on me
But I won’t listen to a thing you say, a word you hold to
Shut up I’m through
I’m over it
You can't blame every little stupidity on someone else
You should look for the blame inside of yourself
I really don’t care if you cry or you scream
And I don’t care if this all ruins your dreams
It’s not my problem
It never was
So grow up and grow a pair
Learn to fix your only problems, dear
And get a life that’s not attached to mine
I don’t have the time for you or the patience to put up with you
I am so through
I’m done
And over it now

"Spin The Wheel"
the more we go the worse it gets
the longer time the more "forgets"
the wasted moments, mountain high
like we had tried to reach the sky
but better still the hard to place
thoughts we can never even trace
the endings we had never tied
and all these days we have lied
we tell ourselves it's all OK
like fools confused; go away
run from the knowlege you forgot
i'll try to place what i haven't got
and as time goes i can barely see you
it's all fading; but what is left true?
build a plane for me, my lover
somehow forget we had another
long before this; spin the wheel
and tell me what do you feel?
the problem with time is it all fades away
but i am sure i recall it all this way
It hurts most days I wake up
And it aches before I sleep
And it haunts inside my dreams but I can’t shake this
You were just what I never looked at
And then suddenly everything I really needed
But there’s a canyon
In-between you and I

I wake most days with no luck
And it continues through the week
It’s the horrible cycle I repeat and I can’t shake it
You were not what I’d expected
But you became the reason I wanted to be
But there’s a canyon
Still between you and me

And I can’t fly and I can’t jump and I can’t build a bridge
And you won’t try when it’s not enough because of this
But I wanted so bad now
Yet it doesn’t matter now, I see
Because this canyon is always going to be
Between you and me

By Elizabeth Azpurua

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