Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rainbows Aren't Found Underfoot

We all thought we had it planned out
thought it made sense
played in crayons on the carpet
and drew rainbows
but rainbows aren't found here
We made murals in our tears then and traced their tracks across our faces
and hated the image
and cursed the mirror
and threw out the memories
drowned them in songs
and nothing made it better
and the carpet still remains stained
in a sad version of hope
rainbows aren't found here
rainbows aren't found underfoot
I will run out these doors after the rain
I will shout to the sky after the pain
I will scream at the clouds going insane
Until there's a rainbow up there
Until there's hope up there
Until there's more than the blank sky I never wanted to keep looking at
I am not taking more crayons to the carpet

By Elizabeth Azpurua 3/20/11

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