Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pharaoh Could Lose the Birds

"The Birds Don't Know"

The rain is falling like heavy marbles on this roof
Your lack of a response troubles me
And cuts through marrow
Through feelings
I suppose you are being entertained by the blue jays
While I am waiting on ravens
I suppose you are being cajoled by the melodies
While I am writing tuneless songs
But at some point you will end this silence
And I will feel like you drowned me


“Could Lose You”

I have been often wayward and wishing for a better day
I often wander away from the crowd and don’t return
You were always forsaking the beat walking away
And you never really needed the drum
I watched you grow from and oddling into something great
But your eyes never see you and maybe it’s too late
I can’t get you to focus nor get you to dream
You won’t ever plan and you won’t believe
And when the day ends and I didn’t tell you the truth
I always wonder what I had to lose
I have been often relentless and fretting for everything
You calm my spirit and take my soul and set it firm
I dash back and forth between what is happening
But you show me how to learn
I wake knowing you have the potential for infinity
But let you go to sleep not thinking anything
I can’t get you to focus nor to dream
You won’t ever plan and you won’t believe
And when each day ends and I never told you the truth
I realize exactly what I could lose
I could lose you
And who you won’t ever become
“Pharaoh’s Curse”
Like a scarred hand reaching in the darkness
Her thoughts contaminate our minds
With negativity and
And when she is holding onto the tomb
Of the Pharaoh in her hands
I will let her bear the curse
And I will walk away
From hatred and


All By Elizabeth Azpurua

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