Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Swan Prince

Bernadette spun the webs and played the song of your soul
spilled the pearls from the chest and made you play this role
She made you her swan and told you to dance and when you failed
she plucked your feathers and served you before them
Her wicked nature made the birds cease their songs in the trees
and the sun hid her face when she left you there on your knees
Bernadette tore from you the essence of what you might have been
when she plucked you bare and served you to them
I was helpless upon the shore too far away from her evil lare
I could not bring the kiss to change you with how much I care
And so you her victim lead a lonely life awaiting your demise
where she would strip you bare and feed you to them

By elizabeth azpurua


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