Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tragic is the Dreamer Who Dies

Errors mar my pretty face and I believe without a trace my dreams will seep out of my mattress each night
There will be not a sliver of hope inside of my leather quiver of woes and nothing can shoot me back to home
I will harbor the enemy of me which happens to be the only thing I can fear at all which has always been illusions
I might wake from restless sleep and stare me down in a mirror and realize I'm doomed and realized I am confused
I will cry these hopeless eyes out and not understand what it's about and look at myself and see there is nothing left
I will carry the weight of distant dreams like mountains bursting at seams echoes reminding of things I failed at
I will drift to and fro in sea of despair and slide under these walls and not know how to care and when I wake up
I won't see me anymore, no I won't see me.........but a tragedy

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