Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rock Bottom Dawn and Death Shoulders

"Little Deaths"

I don't know why we struggle as we do with broken hearts
Or why we carry the weight of past pains on our backs
but I know why we leave behind pieces and parts
and why there are deep stains in our tracks
For within each ache and hurt is a death of our soul
and we lose something we never gain back
with each little death there is left a small hole
a memory showing us what we now lack



"Bony Shoulders"

Her pale skin is not like alabaster, but more like plaster
or sun bleached earth
it seems quite pasty and flaky and speaks of death
Her bony shoulders and frail frame beguile
for she's an evil Dame
Her spirit is not one, but two, and each hold arrows
and each subdue
She walks along and drags a chain
the chain is made of bones unnamed, and from her wrists
she has the lives of many fallen to her lies
but as she goes, her pieces fall
and leave a trail of death
and she alone knows each by name
they no longer have life for breath
Her eyes are cold, her heart is green, her essence only that of mean
and when you see her
look away
for she will come back again for you someday



"Rock Bottom"

wrap the chain around my ankle
and wrap the rope about my wrist
tape my eyes closed forever
and rip my soul out with your fist
bury me beneath the lost dreams of my illusions
drown me in the broken moments of confusions
and end me and my all
and watch me as I fall
into rock bottom

sew my lips together with twine
and cement my feet to fall into the sea
change my name and what I am
and erase the traces of what was me
bury me beneath the lost dreams of my illusions
drown me in the broken moments of confusions
take me, take it all
and erase me as I fall
back into rock bottom

it's so stark and empty
and full of nothing new
a silence oh, so deadly
without a hopeful view
I will not break free from these chains
nor erase the past of pains
I cannot stand up
if you end me
with rock bottom



"Blame the Dawn"

I crawled over the ground, glass strewn around
while the sky
was breaking down
there was a sea inside of me
and a pitiful aching
and there was the dawn that came and took the night away
and you sailed away
and left me waiting
as I bled I turned to hating
like the poison ate at me
There was no hope but broken shards
and breaking hearts
and the morning sun
and I hated that my wishing stars had fled and run
You sailed away on a trip towards the distant light
and I alone with bleeding knees
learned my plight
I crawled away that fateful day and learned to hate
and let that part of me go, away the poison ate, and so
I have known something of the loss of hope
My wishing stars are now all gone
I blame the dawn
I blame the dawn


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