Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Greatest Ache

alabaster cities may often gleam
and stars might grant some wishes
but things aren't always as they seem
when seeking gold you might find fishes

sometimes when doors close no others open
and when mirrors shatter you just get cut
be careful what you place your hope in
or else you might be stuck in a rut

but of all the things one learns in life
one is hardest to swallow down
it aches and causes deepest strife
and places on you an eternal frown

it's not a love to make you boast
the greatest ache your heart will feel
is knowing those that you love most
do not in turn love you for real

they seem to you that they love you some
but walk away seeking another place
and when you call they do not come
nor to you show their true face

the greatest ache your heart will feel
is the hardest lesson felt inside
knowing you're not loved by them for real
but have been sadly set aside

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