Monday, July 16, 2012

Endless Ocean Running Out

"Endless Ocean"

Follow me back down to the endless ocean
and swim with me to drown in the endless ocean

I am traveling through the essence of all the tears earth has cried
and you were just a mirage in the seaweed, a ghost trying to hide

I am looking through the murky water upward seeing sun
and I don't want to reach up to feel it anymore
there is nothing but the cold, deep, dark ocean floor
I am done and do not want to surface to feel the sun

I will lay on the depth of the ocean floor and hide
and feel the weight of memory of all that I cried

and live forever as bones at the bottom of this ocean
like a sunk ship I will rest in peace in the endless ocean



"Time is Running Out"

vibrancy, is what i sought
the fire inside the word and the thought
and here i am waiting
but waiting in vain as time is running


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