Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It is what it is.......

My life becomes endless counting coins
and catching rain
and I have a vendetta against spiders playing violins
There's alarms that sound from time to time
and some days there are no lights
but I've got poetry
and faith
My life becomes endless marking days down
and watching bills mound
like mountains of grief
but when the sky cries I rejoice
and when time flies
I rejoice
and when days are pretty I feel like I should sing
I may sleep wrapped up tight
and hope insomnia stays gone
I might dream restless dreams about things that need to be done
but when I rise each day I have a warm place to stay
and some days I just cannot ask for more
My life becomes a battle with the way I'd like it to be
and how it remains
bring the rains
and better days to me
My pest control man texts me like a friend
and my job says I'm better again
and my friends drop like flies in the heat
My dreams fall through slippery hands while I dream of distant lands
but it's OK because I have a roof over my head
I might be penniless in the rain, but hell, at least I have a shower
and hell, at least I have the power to say
I can be happy anyway
I may not have those who said they'd stay here but I have nothing left to fear
because nothing can hurt me now I know
I am like the child who says to the sun
"it is what is is, so make it so"
I wake each day and greet the day and go on and hope for even better days
but for now, I am here, and here is home

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