Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Are...

you are divine
but you are the error
and the right
and hopeless
you are the grace
and the martyr
and the error
marked my soul
and never whole
you are divine
but the error
and the right
you are the wish
the wrong
and the relief
the echo
and mirror
the prayer
and the belief
you are the wisdom
you are the pain
the majesty
and healing rain
you are the debtor
the disease
the healing
and the ease
you are the magic
and the marveling
you are simple
and still
and yet all encompassing
you are the reason
you're divine
and you are all and yet
so far behind
you are the way
the stumbling block
you are the day
that rises and the
end of the clock
you are the light
and you are the tunnel
the music
the rhyme and
the thunder
you are the spacious
and the descending
the closed and
you are divine
the marvel
the masterpiece
and beauty
you are quick
and the patient
the error
and the right
you are all that is wrong
and wicked
and everything done right
you are the wishful
the wonder
and the way
you are divine
and with time
gracious and
you're the divine
you are echo
and mirror
and master
and life
you are the reason
for all the madness
in my life

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