Sunday, January 8, 2012

I miss a lot lately....

"I Miss it All"

I miss those mornings, crisp and early
and the dew
I miss the green grass and the autumn leaves
and I miss you
I miss the smells of breakfast cooking
and the smell of pages turning
and the sounds of birds chirping
and the feel of kitty fur
I miss the laughter and I recall
all the tears and how they'd fall
I miss the drive and I miss the road
I miss the way it winded and wove
I miss the puddles, creeks, and all the scenes
like the clouds and blooming flowers of spring
I miss the summer heat and whirling fans
I miss the smell of horses and hay
I miss it all
It all, it all, it all
What more can I say?
I miss the youthfulness and the learning
the music, I'm still yearning
I miss the cardinals and the hummingbirds
I miss it all, have you heard?
I miss the rain how it fell like a waterfall
I miss the snow how it came like a wonderland
I miss the dogs and I miss the cat''s call
I miss the warmth and I don't understand
I miss those times and I don't know why they've gone
Did I do something wrong?
I miss the way I smiled and the way I let go
I missed the stories and how I'd always know
I guess at times life must change it seems
Why did it change at all?
I miss it all, it all, it all
I do, indeed

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