Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Poem to Darwin

Darwin, you said, we could evolve
Tell me Mister, how do I heal a broken heart?
You said that we adapt to be a better species
But I seem to keep having the same disease

It's called love and it is crippling
Can't I get a fin or some gills?
Inside of this emotion I am drowning
I don't think you know, but this kills

Darwin, did you ever love somebody?
Did you feel like you needed a new pair of wings?
Tell me Mister, can you make a stronger heart?
I wish I had an extra one I could take apart

This thing is love and it's breaking me
Can't I get a fin or some gills?
Inside of this emotion I am drowning
It really sucks because this thing kills

Darwin, Mister, I think you don't understand
You think we can grow parts and feathers and hands
You think I can evolve from a broken heart?
If I try real hard maybe I might have a jump start

One day we will be part machine and not feel a thing
One day we will be stone cold and never age into old
One day we will be invincible and it's inconceivable
But one day maybe we won't feel this thing called love gone bad

Love is a disease and it's crippling me
Can't I get and fin and some gills?
Love is just nearly drowning me
This thing is something that just kills

Darwin, you said we could evolve
But why didn't you discover this can't be solved?
I'm sorry, Mister, but I think you had it wrong
Love was created so we'd never be that strong

by Elizabeth Azpurua


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