Thursday, January 3, 2013


It seems that when I settled down to sleep, I would awake yet in a dream
for the faces I knew belong to foreign hearts and the contact I have is sparse
The ones who used to hold my hands now wave strange flags up high
with banners proclaiming foreign names saluting a foreign sky
The smiles are different, the laughter is fake, the tales are told not quite the same
and of me none remember, nor mention the truth that I am, now I am just a name
There's parades of fools marching with those who I loved in the streets
acting like clowns in bushels of idiocy wearing caped costumes of sheets
Where is the wisdom, the love and the empathy now blending into the crowd?
Where once there were hands to guide me along, now my hands aren't allowed
It seems that my sleeping has changed all my life when waking inside this hell
where the ones I once knew have foreign hearts and smiles and can't tell
who I am from the scenery and who I was from their lies

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