Friday, January 4, 2013

No Blank Pages Allowed

I hate staring at a page that won't fill
with words that capture the
enormity of the emotions I
feel are too complex to put
into a space on paper

you really cannot begin to fathom
where my thinking starts and
stomps about in the cages of
my weary mind leaving
footprints smeared in thoughts

I find making sense a chore
and rather tell you of giant shells
and whales and a tree that sings
than tell you my aching heart
has lost words to put into

I would rather write of paper planes
and angels making bubble gum gems
and circus tents lit up
in winter gloom
than tell you my mind has failed
to convey this emotion that
overruns my stormy heart

I hate staring at a blank page
so I toss words onto it
and sometimes they fall into
rhymes for you
and sometimes they just stare back
telling me my words fail
and I am forced to admit
there are no words
that convey what
this is

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