Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Love You in Hope Disguised as a Red Winged Bird

"Flash of Red"

Little flash of red up in the tree
reminds me of hope for you and me
The symbol that someday we shall be fine
a hope I'll hold to and claim as mine
I'll stand by you no matter what you do
No matter what they say or claim was true
That little flash of red sealed inside for me
the choice I made long ago of loyalty
I feel you in ways I never knew could be
I feel your trembling soul so carefully
You can sit here and be so strong
enduring well, enduring long
You become for me a reason just to try
A reason to believe in a hope that I can fly
We can sit and lay out our promises here
to stand together year after year
A little flash of red up in the tree
reminds me of hope for you and me



"Loving You"

They say, they say you're not worth it
within in their actions
and their reactions
They say, they say that you're stained
that somehow you're marred
because you've been scarred
They say, they say with their glances
that you do not deserve any more chances
but I say, I say with my resolute proclamation
I will not dwindle in weak kneed consternation
Do not mock me
For loving
They say, they say that can't trust you
always expecting your downfall
But they don't know your call
They say, they say I should move on
as if you're not worth it
they say just to forfeit
They say, they say with their glances
You're not worthy of second chances
but who are they to deny what I have seen?
They cannot envision what has been foreseen
But they mock me
For loving
So I say, I say that I trust you
I know you and love who you are
You are like my one wishing star
And I say, I say you're worth this
worth all the waiting
and my soul's debating
I'll say, I'll say in my glances
You're worth limitless chances
I know inside you're gonna make it out
And that you'll discover what you're about
So don't mock me
For loving.........



"Disguised Hope"

I just want to say I am not crazy
I take the signs from God and heed them well
and when I'm scared of what's to come or could be
I always know from him and I'm OK
So when I'm driving to your home or from your home or all alone
and the trees are blurred while tears sting my eyes
feeling hopeless for these people just don't know you like I do
I am driving too fast
thinking about you
And then they fly
from the trees to the road
and I slow down
and I watch them as they go
and their wings catch the light in crimson shades
and I always make it home safe
So tell me, tell me is it a sign?
A sign to hold to hope in this disguise?
Cardinals are visiting my journey to and fro
and carrying hope with them wherever they go
All I know is crying while I cannot see the end
is never going to make it better now
but God will guide me and help me on my way
just around the bend
a red bird is in that tree

By Elizabeth Azpurua

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