Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Frenzied Passion Dance

The lamp glows soft and casts light across
the bars of this golden headboard here
and soft beneath my knees this bed
spill me across these cotton sheets
this overwhelming lust for touch
and breath that heats my cheek
My palms are damp with seeking you
and nearly at the edge
your lips against my shoulders and
your teeth that graze my neck
those hands that grasp or hold me close
and eyes that do entrance
I can't seem to catch my breath here now
this frenzied passion dance
and feel that overwhelming strength
this journey in your hands
To turn around and touch your curls
all blonde that kiss your brows
and ache to feel your fingertips
undoing me there now
Your eyes enrapture pools of blue
and lips that steal my soul
my release I fly to heights for you
and together feeling whole
the time is short don't break the moment
and steal away until I find you again

By: Elizabeth Azpurua


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