Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wake or Break in Wind

"Break in Wind"

So strange, this time
it's like a shadow fist took out my mind
and I've gone blind
for a time
So wrong, our end
it's like whirlwind took away my only friend
should I bend
or break in wind?
Where do dreamers go to face head on their end?
I can't speak in the cold air
the leaves are falling, trees weeping everywhere
and I should care
but it's unfair how my mind is blank and I can't share
the way I faired
when we had erred
and who was scared
but I?



"Over and Done and Broken"

Bastard, you took me down for what?
I'm tired of sad poetry and giving up
I'm tired of trying when it's never enough
I'm tired when the road is always rough
Where the hell is my ending that is labeled with "happy"?
Where the hell is the top of this blasted hill?
I am over and done and broken and still
I keep attempting to be what they want me to be

Bastard, you broke my heart just because
It hurts like hell, but trust me it always does
I'm tired of aching inside with broken trust
like my soul is escaping, my whole life a bust
and there's no damn happy ending in sight anywhere
Where the hell is the top of this blasted hill?
I'm over and done and broken and still
I keep attemtping to try to love and to care
For what?
I don't know....
....I don't know



"Wake Yourself"

Ever greet the day with strange nostalgia?
Find it hard to wake yourself from reveries
And wishing that you lived in memories?
Triumphant that the day is not longer
Because its hard enough to focus when awake
Wishing for just a moment you could take
A step back in time


Elizabeth Azpurua

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