Thursday, October 3, 2013

Not Alone

We're all backed into corners, clothes caught on nails
in loose floor boards, strength failed, sick with ails
There are shadows beneath us and dark figures ahead
Words spent in music that clatters inside our head
We're trying to find someone whose demons can play
well with our own so we can all come as we may
into the sunlight, full sight, nothing to hide
no need to lock doors, build walls; confide
and tell them the truth, tell them the past, the pain
let their dark moments dance with our own in rain
but we're sitting in corners with our knees in our chests
baring our scars to the room like they are our crests
saying "this is war, whose side are you on?"
telling the shadows like they haven't won
Loads of moments, troubles, high - dirty hair falling out
you scraped the bottom, your faith swallowed in doubt
We're all seeking for someone who has demons like our own
who can pull out the weeds from our gardens overgrown
and tear down our walls and unlock our doors; set free
with full sunlight, truth blaring, a moment we can be
ourselves - free, able to stand and face the day knowing
someone like us is out facing the day, too, showing
we're not alone.

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