Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's All About Blue Eyes Here

"Twinkling Blue"

You give that wicked grin
and eyes a twinkling blue
I know you're thinking things
involving me and you
I want to stay and listen
to your laughter here
Capturing your happiness
caught inside your cheer


By: Elizabeth Azpurua


"Eyes of Blue"

sometimes I reach out to shadows when reaching in dreams
to catch you while lucid; moments unraveling their seams
they're fleeting and dodge me until I awake
to torments of daylight and moments of fake
I just want to see you
and your eyes of blue



"Your Blue Eyes Meet My Brown"

I'm trying to think of a poem
to explain the way sometimes
I feel you're apart of me
but there aren't words fluid enough
to express the notion that
you and I are of the same cloth
your blue eyes meet my brown
the way the mountains reach
up towards the sky
I don't know words poetic enough for this


All By Elizabeth Azpurua

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