Monday, November 19, 2012

Red, White and Blue


it seems it comes down to red
red lips, red around a head
and red, red wings in a tree
red hair, red clothes
a red dress, and red goes
'round and 'round all about red
red heart, red love, red all above
and there's red in lips and love
red, red wings in a tree
and a red rose reminding me
it's all about the red
red lips, red around a head
red hair, red clothes
and a red bed
I see it's all about the red
red, red, red, red, and more red




It's not that I dislike the golden skin
but you see what moves within
is the thought of white against my white sheets
It's the way the cream colors blend and I want
to just dive right in
because I'm in love with white skin
Like milk, like moonlight, like white cotton, too
and smooth like silk beneath my fingers
I like the white way of you
Your white skin, freckles and
the way you lack a tan
I adore the way your white skin looks on me



Wherever I go I carry the thought of you
I recount the knowledge of your eyes of blue
Yet time whithers away the shade I can't recall
Each year passing I feel the memory get small
I know your eyes were the richest hue
Of a startling glorious shade of blue
But if a painter handed colors to blend into you
I could never quite recreate that shade of blue
Like lapis lazuli seas and stormy waters
So alluring and so captivating, too
But I can't quite explain that shade of blue
Only that it was a color I learned because of you


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