Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bruised Wallpaper


I'm not floral nor paper nor glue
I am not plaster
and your feet are not ice
to slide on by
as though I'm nothing more than a wall to you
And yet, yet there you go as if I'm a passing hallway
a walk through
a corridor
and nothing special nor worthwhile
Your feet move so fast in a haste for the next door
and I alone remain standing
like paper clinging




Lift you up
and take you slow
like a dancer
I feel your heart
and I do know
inside is cancer
it eats at you
and leaves a bruise
and hurts your soul
but it's OK
on your bad days
I'll make you whole
I will lift you up
and carry you
I will put a smile on
just for you
I will make your day a brighter place
for I know inside it's tough
it eats at you
and left you bruised
and you ache and yearn and cry
but fear not, I'm by your side
No matter who you are
I'll be near and far
and where you are
I will remain
to heal you
and to feel you
and to love you


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