Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Are We Blind Embracing Wind?

"Embrace the Wind"
Under summer heat I want to bathe my feet
in new grass and rocks and tree roots
I want to photograph fairies
and go and visit a new sea
I want to stand tall on rocks
and embrace the wind
I need to feel the wind
I want underneath the summer heat to feel
something relaxed and tranquil
and I wish to follow stars
beneath a different sky
Oh, why, oh, why
tell me, tell me
is it so hard for me to go away from here? you see
I wish so very bad to bathe my soul in glad far from here
inside a greener sphere
I would like to visit the places I've wanted to visit for so very long
but how, oh how, can I make it more than just words in a song?
I don't know how....
but I want it now



I shall pet the elephant and name him Braille
and I shall feed him grapes and summer ale
and when he follows me towards the sea
I should like to think he came along for me
I will watch him as he watches the waves crest
I will tell him the truth about the heart in his chest
and when the sun sets and we must travel home again
I will place him back on the rug in the center of the room


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