Monday, December 26, 2011

Turtle Dove Singing of a Hopeless Love

Partridge in the pear tree, tell me, tell me
Where has Cardinal gone?
Will he come back soon, I wonder?
Will his sojourn be long?
Sometimes birds have to fly away during winter
Maybe this place is too cold?
Will you wait here with me, Partridge?
I need someone to hold
I am just a turtle dove, waiting on the rain
but I fear the snow will come before I can say
"Spring is a new day, hello, hello Spring"
but I can't sing that welcoming song when the snow is on the way
Perhaps, I'll sing alone
Perhaps you'll leave me too
Cardinal has gone far away
and I don't know what to do
I have a nest to keep and I have a song to sing
the mourning song of wintertime
I am just a turtle dove singing of a hopeless love
and you're stuck in that pear tree
Do you, do you think it'll be OK come spring?
Do you, do you think I'll have a welcoming song to sing?
I am hoping for the rain...but there's snow on the way
Partridge, my feathered friend, how shall we weather on?
I am still singing a forgotten lonesome song
Do you think Cardinal will return to these trees?
I am hoping winter will somehow soon leave
I am just a turtle dove singing of a hopeless love
and you're just a partridge in a tree
Cardinal is a striking bird and he's flown from you and me
But maybe he'll return once I sing to welcome spring

by Elizabeth Azpurua

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