Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stand at the Bottom for You

"My Bed Might be at the Bottom of the Sea"

I cannot break open the silence nor still the roaring waves
your drowning body is lost to me in these silent days
you sink alone and don't you know I'd swim right by you
and if we drown together then that'll just have to do
I'm not making this a playtime game in a park for joy and fun
This isn't a way to pass my time until something else comes along
I was standing my ground and sinking my boots in
My battle gear is ready and I'm set to win
But the silence is like an anchor inside of me
and it becomes a wall over which I cannot see
So, let me be your life raft, let me be your saving gem
Let me the the one who shows you how to make an island
For all those days of troubled waves and your failing aching limbs
I will be the one there beside you or I'll be the one who tries to swim
I know times are troubling, I know we're failing now it seems
yet, deep inside I made a vow to stay no matter the state of things
So, if I drown I drown with you
I will make my bed in a sea of blue
and if I manage to make you an island here
then have no fear, have no fear
Because I'm always here...
I said I would be



You were standing
that is all I saw
no pretending
yet the feeling raw
burned me inside out
and made a hole
for you to sink into
You were guarding
you were standing tall
not relenting
and you did not fall
I'm wishing I could explain
the emotions there
that mean so much now
so much now
You were standing
with shoulders strong
and I'm not lying
and I'm not wrong
you were stalwart
you were true
you were steady
you were you



"For You"

to taste you, I would inhale death
to hold you, I would embrace fire
to lay beside you every night I would face the greatest woes
and to cease your troubled dreams I'd chew on razors
if this is not enough from me
then I do not know what more I can do
for you


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