Friday, September 16, 2011

Shot the Kaleidscope for Happy?


bullet in the dark
i consult your intentions
poke at you with a metaphorical fork
you seem to be colored in something like crimson
perhaps it's poison
you seem to have left a trail
you leave behind a stain
and in my chest I feel pain
what are you?



"You Sound Like Happy"

if all i can remember is your laugh
that is all i need
that is all i will hear haunt my dreams
if all i can hold to is your happiness
i will feel joy for you
i will feel better knowing the truth
if only laughter were enough to stop the earth
i would claim a moment or two
to carve into my eardrums the sweetest sound
it's the sound of you




They broke me long ago
this you didn't know, this you didn't know
Then you came and told me to stand
told me the remnants of my being were mine to keep
so I remade myself in fragments of glass
and you made me feel beautiful
and useful
and different to the eyes
you made of me a marvel
If you only realized
Prismatic is my heart now, love
contained in changing lights


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