Friday, August 19, 2011

The Moon is Blown, Mary Poppins


Undo me now
I don't know how
you effect me like you do
It's not contained
my voice isn't restrained
take a bow
for what you claimed
I don't call the shots
but you know the spots
to learn
How can you be so wonderful?
I am incapable
of comprehension
My mind is blown



"Setting Fire to Space with Mary Poppins' Help"

power keg, loaded rocket in the back seat
send this ship to the moon
take all the contents of Mary Poppins' bag
and we'll set the moon on fire
loaded gun, and don't you turn away
take this higher than before
Whisper to the wind, 'we will catch you again'
and set the world on fire
I'll claim the seven seas if you stand by me
I'll fly straight into the stars
load the cannon, sir, and blow this place high
I am writing your name in the sky
Let's make it all go up in flames, scorch this place
and set fire to the room
Send me on my way, follow, follow say,
'here we are
this is better than the moon'
Blast away, rocket in the world I say
'take me higher than this place'
and set fire
in space


By Elizabeth A.

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