Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Under the Circus Tent

Can we pretend it’s summertime? Sit and watch the stars
as we lay on our backs in the grass?
Can we go inside and make believe we are kids in carnival days?
I want to see the circus and play
Let’s make cotton candy and I’ll feed you pink fluffy clouds
and then turn around and kiss your mouth
Let’s use this quilt and you and make a circus tent for two
and from the patchwork roses I find glee
Can we pretend it’s summertime? Can we bounce around
and do circus tricks?
Let’s get high like trapeze artists in our exhilarating fun
Let’s use this quilt while you become the circus tent
and our make believing fun won’t ever end
You’re the Ringmaster and I’m glad to say that this
made up summer joy is marvelous


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