Saturday, November 13, 2010

Winter's Song is Agony

"Winter Song"
ice cycles are walling up my soul, drenched in poison and coated in wrong
it's the season of longing and season of death
winter was always the deadliest song
and between the decay of forested hopes I lie in the aftermath of wanting
it's the forgotten inside me and desperate call
of my voice crying out now so haunting


"Living in Agony"
you can take me off this pedestal
throw me to the ground
drown out my sound
you can shoot out my heart
and end all my dreams
and silence my screams
but I'm still living on
you can burn me at the stake
mock me for my belief
leave me needing relief
you can erase my legacy
end all I've made here
watch as I disappear
but I'm still living on
in agony

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