Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where Do You Find Home?

it's in the walls
in the furniture, the corners and the halls
inside the cabinets and boxes cluttered tall
all around us all
it's in the air
in the bedrooms, in the books, by the chair
inside the photo albums and pictures everywhere
every inch to spare
it's in the memories
in the echoes from the past and in the movies
inside captured moments from all the times we did see
all these things
it's in the reasons
each moment counted in the changing of the seasons
I am counting down the memories of why and how and what for
it's in all the ways I am holding onto this
and what I'm holding onto it for
it's in every thing I know
and I don't want to change
and I don't want to walk away
and I don't want to forget this place
why did it come to be this way?
it's in the doorways
in the safety of the cozy place we played
inside the rooms, the halls, the happy places
all these spaces
I'm holding on to it
and I don't want to forget
I'm holding on to this
collections of all I'd miss

by Elizabeth Azpurua

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