Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Waiting for a Moon Fortification

"Waiting For The Day"

Gonna greet the day like an old friend
tell them all that I started again
here goes my wings unfurled
ready to take on the world
time may pass me by
each year wondering why
but I am ready for the day I can say
I'm glad it turned out this way



"One Moment Sun, the Next a Moon"

I think sometimes how so much has changed and how our hearts have become estranged;
so much now seems to go unsaid, never written and never read.
I wonder why so fast, so soon?
Like one moment sun the next a moon,
til soon such light will all be gone,
and with it sight, no waking dawn.
So it goes with most things I see, where they all die to memory;
the startling truth of how much is not the same,
and confusion of where to place the blame



These unexpected rain showers
Come unwanted, eroding away the fortification of these bones
These wretched bones
Weighted stones

Whispers leave me without powers
You're undaunted, eroding away the fortification of my heart
Tear out my heart
Torn apart


By: Elizabeth Azpurua

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