Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Invisible Girl With a Mirror

Holding out this pane of glass 
To show everyone what they really are 
Do they look beyond, no, never once
Seeing themselves and every scar 
Counting flaws
Counting lines
Making signs 
Holding out this framed reflector 
To show everyone their true beauty 
They won't look beyond, no, not a glance
Seeing only errors, such a pity 
Counting flaws
Counting lines 
Making signs 
And screaming at the mirror 
And beating on the glass 
Never looking beyond it
And the girl behind the mirror 
Is just doing her task 
Trying to show the beauty
Although she wasn't asked
But no one likes their image 
So they wear their mask 
Turn and walk away
Hating that framed glass 
And the girl with the mirror 
Turns the frame around 
And doesn't see a thing 
And doesn't make a sound

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