Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nothing About You is Real

You can walk and make all their heads turn
Flirt until you make their eyes burn
Bathe your head in hairspray
and make sure the color will stay
Nothing about you is real
and you like it that way
You can slide your tiny hips into your skin tight jeans
Make sure you're busting out that bra at the seams
You bend over and make them all stare
Do they realize that's not the color of your hair?
Nothing about you is real
and you're barely even there
You can crook your finger flirtatious and fun
Bring them all running and then you're done
Take a look in the mirror, oh tell me, tell me
Do you see a reflection, is there a soul to see?
Nothing about you is real
so I am left doubting
You can slide your high heals on and flaunt your feet
I just look you over, false and way too neat
Darling, you think you're a doll, but no, it's a lie
like passing off a funeral song as a lullaby
You think you have them when you flash your lipstick smile
Whatever, I've seen your tricks for a while
Nothing about you is real
go ahead and pile
those lies on

by Elizabeth Azpurua

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