Saturday, February 18, 2012

How I Adore You

You're the pinnacle of my desire for love
the culmination of struggle and anguish
In you I found rebirth
I was set free from the captivity of foolish loving
and born again in despair
I have tasted the essence of the Atonement in you
and languished in hope and fought to keep it
There is not a fibre in me that does not love you
You are the Northern Star to which I set my life towards
How great the capacity I have acquired for love
I have been reborn in a new type of beauty
It is rare and stricken in grief and longing
You're the absolution
the astounding miracle of life
You teach me of love and hope and freedom and forgiveness
and you are barely here at all
How much more could you change me if you were always at my side?
I should think I would burn into a star
to which other hope filled lovers set their sites on
If I ever knew anything at all of love, it was erased in you
and reborn into freedom
How I adore you, there are no words, but the solemn whisperings of my soul
These things, these things you do not know
My lips cannot utter how very profound your presence in my life has become
If ever I erred, it was in not loving you sooner

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